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Apprentice Hotel and Travel Management

  • arrangeMY can support your business with your full apprenticeship accommodation & travel management
  • Group hotel accommodation with full booking support/management from start to finish
  • Comprehensive levels of safeguarding & duty of care in place with all stays
  • Bespoke rates agreed to incorporate all of your apprenticeship traveller needs
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Download our Apprenticeship and Learning Management Brochure below

Our Systems

Amber Portal

  • Bespoke Learner Management portal designed in-house by our IT Department
    with full licensing
  • Complete control over your learner bookings with ability to request, view, manage
    & tailor each student
  • Secure login details given to all users to personalize their experience
  • Award winning tool used by multiple clients to centralise their apprentice hotel and travel management
  • Full safeguarding integrated
  • A dedicated IT Support Team available for assistance

Payment Gateway

  • Our state-of-the-art payment gateway was launched in 2020, allowing external employers
    or providers to make payments for hotels instead of the apprenticeship provider direct
  • This cuts out the middleman and takes the hassle of paying for bookings on behalf of others
  • Payment reminders and deadlines can be implemented by the user
  • Full reporting to show exactly what has been spent through the portal
  • Ability to cancel and refund through the portal should this be needed
  • Automatically generates email reminders, prompts, then confirmations to fully support with the booking process
  • Secure and safe payment method

Offline Support

  • Dedicated apprenticeship team with a combined 20+ years of experience in the apprentice hotel and travel management sector
  • Fully safeguard trained to ensure they are able to support with those younger learners
  • Group management available through our offices
  • 24/7 support through our emergency helpline
  • Fast turnaround times – we are here to help at all times

Our Suppliers

  • Working with all hotel suppliers across the UK & beyond. These are all fully vetted, safeguard checked and contracted to a bespoke agreement to ensure your learners are safe when staying away from home
  • Trusted and reputable travel suppliers to assist with train, flight, taxi, ferry and more – we get your learners from door to door
  • Regular reviews with all suppliers to ensure they are meeting the demands of our Service Level Agreements
  • Market-leading rates will guarantee you are getting the best rates available to market across both accommodation and travel

Safeguarding & Support

  • All suppliers are fully vetted & often tied into safeguarding agreements to ensure the well-being of your learners at all times
  • Systems integrated with market-leading tools which allow apprentices to travel with confidence
  • Whereabouts report to track and monitor apprentices at all times
  • Non-arrival reports are available on a daily basis giving you the confidence that your learners are where they are meant to be
  • Welcome packs and regular meetings held at hotel providers to familiarise learners with the facilities
  • Escalation processes and support channels in place at all times

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