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Post Brexit holiday destinations

Post- Brexit, the British Pound is fluctuating against the Euro – and the Dollar.

This means people looking for a summer holiday this year might not be as keen on heading into Europe as they once were – and looking for better value alternatives where the pound in your pocket will still get good value on accommodation, eating and drinking and attractions.

So it might be time to look further afield – beyond the traditional traveller routes of South East Asia and India, where the cost of things is still relatively cheap for the British traveller.

We’ve rounded up five of the best places that are still good value if you’re looking for something more exotic – but still good value – on your travels.

South Africa

Current exchange rate: £1 buys you 20.8 South African Rand

The cost of things: From around £20 a night for a backpacker hostel and up to £150 for self catering accommodation at the top end, but eating out is cheap. £20 will bag you a meal in some of South Africa’s best restaurants. Tourist attractions such as galleries and museums are not often free, but are rarely as much as £1

Other benefits: Same time zone, wine, shebeens, bunnychow.

Sri Lanka

Current exchange rate: £1 buys you 203 Sri Lankan Rupees

The cost of things: A three course feed of fresh curry and rice for two at a decent restaurant is unlikely to break a fiver, but the street food or fresh barbecued fish will be fresh, delicious and pence. You can eat it on the beach, whilst sipping a £1 pint of beer. There are no youth hostels in Sri Lanka, but a decent room in a guest house will set you back around £20.

Other benefits: Beaches, jungles, seafood, elephants.


Current exchange rate: £1 buys you 18,645 Indonesian Rupiah

The cost of things: A double room will cost you a couple of pounds in a basic hotel. A three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will set you back less than a tenner, a pint of beer is just over £1.

Other benefits: Great weather, amazing beaches, jaw-dropping temples, island hopping, tiny dragons, being a currency millionaire.


Current exchange rate: £1 buys you 10 Bolivianos

The cost of things: A budget bed will cost you around £3-5, but you can bag a decent mid-range hotel for around £20 a night. You can squeeze in three decent meals a day for between £20 and £50. A pint of beer is under £2.

Other benefits: Rainforests, snowy peaks, dramatic landscapes, nature/dolphins, not yet overrun by tourists.


Current exchange rate: £1 buys you 33 Lempiras

The cost of things: Food and drink is really cheap here, as is diving. Skyscanner reckons you’d be hard pushed to get through £20 a day in Honduras.

Other benefits: Great diving, stunning beaches, an abundance of bananas. It might be a bitdangerous, but everyone needs excitement in their lives

(exchanges rate at June 2016)

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