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Top tips for coping with long stay travel

Get some rest before you go

Getting up at 3am to catch a business flight can wreak havoc with our body clocks. Often upon arrival you are whisked off to a meeting and expected to network until the small hours, leaving no time for a short rest.

An early night beforehand, or even catching 40 winks on a short flight will be more beneficial than you know when you’re still chatting to a business partner 20 hours after you first arose from sleep.

Eat healthily

It’s extremely tempting when you’re tired and away from home to pick up a double cheeseburger or greasy fry-up en-route to your destination. Whilst it may be enjoyable whilst you’re eating, carbohydrates and processed foods can make you feel lethargic later on in the day.

It’s essential that you plan meal times if you’re to stay healthy on the road and keeping snacks such as almonds, rice cakes and fruit to hand is a great way to get your vitamins and protein throughout the day.

Breakfast buffets and business lunches can also present an opportunity to treat yourself – the trick here is to choose the simplest thing on the menu, such as fish or grilled chicken and not be afraid to swap the chips or rice for a nice portion of veg.

Stretch those legs

Not only does a long drive or flight make you feel irritable, sitting for a long period of time also reduces circulation in your ankles and builds up stress hormones.

The best way to combat this is to do light exercise and breathe in fresh air. A brief walk around the park or a quick swim in the hotel pool will release endorphins that reduce your stress levels and freshen you up for a new day.

Bring creature comforts

With 48% of Brits admitting to not travelling without packing their favourite teabags in their luggage, it’s clear that home comforts are a top priority when heading abroad.

Whether it’s a set list of your favourite songs, comfy PJs or your own hair dryer, bringing your top essentials from home will help you to relax in a hotel room at the end of a long and exhausting day.

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