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Supporting Essential Travel During Lockdown

Many businesses across the Country have been restricted in their travel due to the current lockdown restrictions which were put into place on 6th January 2021. Although these restrictions limit the amount of travel to certain businesses, arrangeMY remain committed to supporting our clients both with their essential travel through these times, plus in the preparation for when restrictions ease and we are able to make a full return to travel.

arrangeMY are proud to remain fully operational through lockdown, with full support available as usual to both our existing clients or those businesses who require additional support to take the weight of travel management off their hands. You can learn more about the current restrictions plus the support available to you through arrangeMY at the moment below:

Access to All Available Hotels

Whilst we are in a period of lockdown, the positive news is that the majority of hotel providers remain open to support Key Workers who are required to spend time away from their local offices, for work related purposes. arrangeMY have a full, free database of all open hotels across the Country which can be accessed at the click of a button. We are very happy to provide details of these properties to ensure you are fully aware of everything available to your travellers through these challenging times. Rest assured, you can rely on us to ensure you get the best available property for your desired location for essential purposes.

COVID Support

It’s no secret that both accommodation and travel suppliers alike have placed an incredibly strong focus on their COVID policies to ensure guest safety is the absolute priority at all times. On top of following UK Government Guidelines, such as social distancing and wearing a mask, suppliers have massively increased their cleanliness policies to ensure your traveller is well supported. Through our excellent supplier links, arrangeMY can provide the most up to date COVID policies direct from each supplier, safeguarding your guest ahead of their essential trip. On top of this, we can advise of any additional measures you will need to take when travelling, such as getting a COVID test or providing supporting documentation which will be provided to you at time of enquiry.

Key Worker Documentation

In order to protect the wider general public, documentation is often required ahead of travelling as proof of essential travel. This may seem like a daunting task to prepare from an admin perspective, however arrangeMY have built up a wealth of knowledge around what is needed as a supporting document. We are proud to offer full support to clients in preparing any evidence ahead of travel and are extremely well versed in how you can easily collate these documents to cover the entirety of your company. Further to this, we will also liaise with both travel and hotel suppliers to ensure they have these documents on your behalf, further saving you time and effort for each individual booking.

Improvements to our Award-Winning Tool

An online tool has become one of the essential features of any good travel management company and is important to give companies the opportunity to book live travel at their convenience. Over the course of the past year, arrangeMY have made significant improvements to our already award-winning online booking tool to ensure users have the best experience possible. Our incredible online tool allows users to secure their upcoming requirements on any given day at any given time. It really couldn’t be simpler to book your next trip! If you are not already setup on our online tool – which includes a brand-new mobile app – please speak to us directly about how to get your company setup to support your travel needs whenever the time comes.

Flexible Cancellation Policies and Best Available Rates

Using a travel management company to oversee your travel requirements has never been more beneficial than now. With the large number of restrictions that have come into place over the past year, it really can be a mountainous challenge to navigate the world of travel. With us on your side, you can rely on an experienced team to provide you with full support and guidance to safely book your travel when it is needed. Now more than ever, arrangeMY remain committed to our motto – ‘we care where you are going’. With us, you can expect to find the most flexible rates at best available prices, all with excellent cancellation policies to guarantee you are covered through these ever-changing times. If you have an upcoming trip approaching that you are unsure of, please do feel free to reach out and we would be very happy to support you the best of our ability.

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