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Bill-back enhancement aims to speed up refund process with venues

Here at arrangeMY, our expert team are here to make your business travel and venue finding requirements as simple and efficient as possible and we thrive on ensuring that everything, from transport connections, through to the little perks in your hotel room are all sorted. You can imagine our frustration then when in some circumstances, venues have not set up our billing instructions correctly within their reservations system.

Whilst we have always been able to guarantee that all payment instructions arrive safely for all bookings, we unfortunately couldn’t be 100% sure that the venue would follow our instructions as requested. Even though we have a bill-back error rate of only 0.2%, as a priority, we put our heads together and made further updates to our consolidated invoicing service to lower any risk of further issues.

The latest developments add another layer of assistance to a venue’s accounts office by allowing them to refund any payment to a guest, should they ever choose to make a payment directly to a venue.

Our Finance Director, Gavin Poole commented: “While we would always advise our clients to pass any issues over to us to fix, should they wish to save a conversation and make a payment then we will refund and take over all payment details with the hotel directly.”

Our bill-back service is offered at only £2 per transaction, cheaper than anyone else in the industry. The assistance already includes:

  • Guaranteed delivery for all booking confirmations which clearly confirm payment instructions and details
  • Main office opening hours from 08:00 – 20:00 to cover hotel check-in and check-out times
  • Emergency out of hours assistance available via the same contact number as our day office
  • Clear policy to ‘take any problem away’ from our guests
  • Copy confirmations detailing hotel payment instructions available

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