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How can a Travel Management Company save you money?

By Sara Mason-Parker, Operations Manager, ArrangeMY

Wondering about the benefits of using a Travel Management Company? They are four-fold! We can save you time and money with the added benefits of consistency during the booking process and complimentary account management.
Cost saving –we will negotiate rates on your behalf. We know about the latest offers, and we have the knowledge of which avenues to check and what to avoid. Because we are part of a consortia of travel experts, you will benefit directly from access to the best fares as a result of group buying power
Time saving – most companies we speak with have a member of staff booking travel arrangements in addition to juggling their main role; sourcing these requirement is not only time consuming but also stressful. We have expert knowledge of where to look for various travel requirements, can hold options and will work within an agreed turnaround time. This enables your staff to be more productive with their time whilst maintaining authority of final decisions.

Consistency – streamlining all travel needs through one booking channel will benefit:

a) the traveller – as client profiles will record passport details and personal preferences avoiding human error, repetition when making bookings and ensuring that staff keep within company policy

b) finance – as all payments are consolidated and invoiced together, avoiding credit card fees and numerous expense claims

c) management – with duty of care and corporate responsibility of staff, enabling them to track where any employees are at any given time

Data – at ArrangeMy, account management is complimentary. You will receive the added value of a senior member of the company whose role it is to analyse patterns and identify where savings can be made. They have established relationships with airlines and hoteliers and can negotiate rates on your behalf. In addition to this you benefit from direct access to Management Information reports
And the cost to all the above? A small booking fee which is countered out by the savings you will receive in time and cost; as well as peace of mind as ArrangeMy is available to your employees 24/7

We aim to meet with all of our new and prospective clients before any arrangements are made so we discuss your requirements fully. If we are aware of your travel needs, and where you want to be in 3 years, then we can make suggestions based on our 25 years’ experience; we can even help write a travel policy with you! We’re here for the long term – to work with you.

If you need further convincing here’s a testimonial this week from a new client: “I am a great believer in giving compliments where they are deserved and I just wanted to let you know I shall be recommending your Company to everyone I know. You should be proud of your staff and to my end, they make life so much easier as they take the slog of trying to find information out. Please pass on my good wishes and thanks to all concerned. I am so glad you came to see me a few months ago”

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