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These reminders stop your employees making their own travel arrangements

As a Procurement Manager you need to know that your colleagues are looked after by your contracted travel provider – and not compromising systems and themselves by booking their own travel.

These reminders will help you reign in any ‘rogue travellers’!

Employees – Here are seven reasons why it’s always best to let your corporate travel provider look after you.

1: Deals may not be all they seem.
When booking travel independently, especially online, it can be very easy to find great price deals that appear to offer everything you need.

Take care however, because these tempting deals may not be all they seem and there may be hidden additional costs such as airport taxes, insurance, credit card and booking fees.

Also, if the focus is on the cheapest price, then compromises on quality and customer service are likely.

What’s more, bookings may not be like for like, you may be looking at a single room rate, making the price look cheaper.

2: Will you have full back-up?
If you are not familiar with the travel provider behind the deal, are you sure they will have somebody at the end of the phone if anything is not clear or if there’s a problem?

Will this support be available 24/7?

Having this reassurance is terribly important.

Another question to ask is, is the airline or travel provider insured and bonded? Your contracted travel agent will only ever book reputable travel options.

3: Will you know the person you are dealing with?
With your contracted travel provider, you’ll be working with a known person that you’ll probably be on first name terms with and who will be fully responsible for you.

This reassuring, one to one support, makes all the difference.

4: Will you be able to change and adapt?
What happens if you’ve booked online and you need to change something, especially at the last minute?

Will you be able to do this with a travel company that is basically just an online portal?


5: Will you be offered upgrades?
A savvy, contracted travel provider will have their ear to the ground and once you’ve made a booking, may be able to come back to you with a better price deal or to perhaps make your travel smoother or upgrade your accommodation.

6: Will you be safe?
If you book and travel independently you may be putting yourself and your organisation at risk.

If your organisation does not know where you’re staying and how you are travelling, then you may be vulnerable.

On a simple level this may result in you being late for an essential meeting but on another level, your safety and security may be compromised.

7: Your corporate travel provider is always best
We hope the above convinces you, that it is not only company policy to book your travel and accommodation with your allocated travel provider – it’s also best for you.

This because, not only will they find you the best deals and have your best interests at heart, they are a part of your organisation and your organisation’s financial systems.

A few words about arrangeMY
arrangeMY is a UK travel and accommodation agent that delivers business account management.

We support all types of businesses with a complete travel, accommodation and venue finding solution.

It is a 24/7 ‘all in one place and all taken care of’ contracted service which you pay for on a monthly account.

Why not call our highly experienced team today on 01905 610016 or ping an email to


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