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60 Seconds With…Lesley

We know how much you enjoy reading about our lovely staff team so this month we asked Lesley James to take a few minutes to share her 7 interesting facts with you.

Lesley is our National Account Manager and is a long-serving member of our team.

Fact 1. Lesley hates gooseberries – the smell of them cooking makes her physically sick

Fact 2. She once took room service to Kevin Keegan when the England football team stayed at Post House Heathrow where she worked at the time and during her restaurant management days she served David Essex and The Osmonds

Fact 3. When she was 5 years old she ran away with her best friend and was brought home in the back of a police car…

Fact 4. She loves gin – with her favourite being Bombay, Hendricks or Tanqueray and she’s partial to ‘Bahama Mama’ cocktails and wine (any colour!)

Fact 5. She is terrified of snakes although she’s never seen one in the wild and couldn’t live in a country like Australia where so many dangerous creepy crawlies live

Fact 6. When she lived on a small holding in Mid Wales she helped deliver lots of lambs and had a menagerie of animals including 150 Sheep, 7 cows, 5 dogs, 3 cats, 2 horses, 25 chickens and 2 pygmy goats and was proficient at driving a 4 wheel quad bike

Fact 7. Lesley was born in Solihull and wanted to be a butcher when she grew up

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