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Strategic events and meetings management


Every month we give you a reason why arrangeMY should be your preferred business travel specialist. This month, as we hit #6 & #7, we explain how our friendly team of experts will help you to find the perfect venue, and manage your event and meeting needs.

 One size doesn’t fit all

We believe that flexibility is the key to providing the best service and value in a constantly changing market, which is why we take the time to get to know you, and your business requirements.

Our expert consultants provide a personalised service and are able to offer our clients the best market rates. With years of expertise and personal knowledge of venues in the UK and worldwide, our team is able to choose the ideal locations for your event and meeting needs.

In addition, we are able to provide extra value with perks such as free Wi-Fi, car parking and audio-visual equipment.

Our amg events service

Our recently re-launched amg events department, shows how serious we are about organising successful events.

We are able to deliver every area of your event with experience and enthusiasm – right from an initial enquiry through to considering logistics, live production, delegate management, travel requirements and accommodation solutions.

It’s all in the formula

Whether you are looking to organise a high profile event catering for hundreds of delegates, a local team building day, or simply need a venue for a meeting, we can help.

Strategic meetings management is about providing our clients with the best possible results within their chosen budget. In our experience, meeting and event spending is typically decentralised within organisations, often meaning there is a lack of process in place. Our Strategic Meetings Management services enable us to produce and develop a clearly defined and mandated Strategic Meetings Management Programme (SMMP).

With a wealth of experience in organising meetings and events, we can help you develop an effective meetings strategy, managing your meetings and events spend, and achieving maximum buying power.

We can provide advice at any stage, whether you have a meetings policy in place that needs reviewing, or you are developing a strategy that will require implementation. We know that you will have very individual requirements and we offer a flexible approach to help you achieve your goals.

A number of studies have shown that SMMPs see cost avoidance of between 10 and 25% within the first year of implementation, so even at a conservative 10%, the benefits are clear.

Our venue proposals are always available online, so that clients are able to view potential options with full details and colour photos.

Our support does not end there. Once a venue is confirmed, our team will support you with on-site visits, facilitation, equipment hire, and any issues such as event cancellation.

We listen!

arrangeMY are always eager to receive feedback to continually improve our service offering. Likewise, following your event we are able to provide you with post event feedback and evaluation. This means, your second event with us will be even more successful.

Whether you are looking to arrange a one off trip, a number of travel arrangements or a large-scale networking event, we handle the booking experience from start to finish, leaving you able to relax and enjoy the event.

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