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Trends to watch out for in 2018

Whilst 2017 saw a rise in apartment rentals, luggage tracking and digital wallets, 2018 will bring about new and fresh ways to do business travel.

Here, we take a look at the key trends to watch out for this year.


The major chains will get larger through acquisition and there will be further consolidation. The top ten hotel chains now have 120+ brands between them.

Many are also introducing brands for ‘independent’ hotels to align to, offering the customer access to a collection of accommodation options specially selected to suit their distinct style.

Smarter technology

There has been a global trend towards ‘smarter’ hotels whereby hotels invest in beacon technologies, messaging services, in-room entertainment and more.

Tech savvy guests are continuously using apps to check in and out, unlock their hotel room door, operate the television remotely and control room temperature. The demand for smart technology is one that we don’t see going anywhere soon.

Demand for faster Wi-Fi

Upgrades for faster Wi-Fi and resort and city taxes are creeping into ancillary costs payable directly by clients on departure. We have many properties to offer to clients, which include extras as part of the package, including Wi-Fi, breakfast and car parking.

Keeping rates down

Rate increases and decreases will always vary by destination, however the constant flow of demand means we are starting to see a slowing in rate increases and in some cities, rate reductions.

Flexibility on location and date will help to keep the rates down. We will always offer a rate within your travel budget, even if it means five extra minutes on the tube or in the car.

Good exchange rate

As uncertainty remains around Brexit, exchange rates between the Pound, the Euro and other currencies mean that London will remain attractively priced. This will lead to higher occupancies and therefore higher hotel rates. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has seen “strong trading” in both London and across the rest of the UK.

Our team will always endeavour to attain the high quality venues and accommodation at the most competitive prices, leaving you with no doubt that you’re getting the best for your buck.

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