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Our online booking solution – 12 Reasons Campaign #4


As our 12 Reasons campaign reaches #4, we explain why our award winning online tool, arrangeMY TRIP, can make booking your travel arrangements easy and stress free.

Wherever you are in the world, our free online booking tool allows you to make new bookings and access all of your pre-booked travel arrangements. You can book anywhere, anytime using your choice of mobile device.

How you want to book is entirely up to you. Some of our clients have enjoyed 98% online adoption, while others will always prefer to call our friendly team with their enquiry.

Whatever your preference, all of our enquiries are looked after by the same experienced team, be it operationally, account managed or billback related.

Advantages of the online self-booking tool

Our unique online design consolidates all global flight, hotel and rail providers into one simple to use web based self-booking tool. A single sign on will allow you to book multiple elements at once.

The intelligent facility automatically searches all suppliers and dynamically packages together the most cost effective flight or train, plus hotel if required, whilst taking into account your specific corporate travel policy and corporate governance. We can tailor the system to include specific rates and also build in an authorisation process to keep a tight control on costs. This will ensure all bookings are made within your set policy.

In order to give the end user all the information required to make the most cost effective reservation, the holistic costing facility calculates the man-hour costs of an employee being out of the workplace, the carbon footprint and takes into account corporate governance policy.

Travel policies

Travel policies can be tailored for each individual booking type and there are different options available for this:

  • A traveller can book up to a certain value only.
  • The system will allow clients to book a stated percentage over the budget but will be required to select a reason code for booking over budget, which can be reported on.
  • Each booker can be given an authorisation level and a notification would be sent to the selected authoriser to accept or decline.

arrangeMY strive to make your business travel arrangements as flexible and efficient as possible. Our free to use, online booking system provides 24 hour reservation options with instant access to your account. Sign up now, or ask our team for more information.

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