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A guide to booking travel experts; Deciphering the small print


Business travel is set to increase in 2017, according to the seventh annual Business Travel Show forecast. It will, however, remain important for organisations to be as cost effective as possible when it comes to arranging their business travel.

Many organisations will turn to the expertise of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) for their travel, accommodation and events needs.

We’ve put together some key factors to take into consideration when looking for a TMC, to ensure the best possible working relationship.

Free calls and price transparency

Make sure any telephone calls with travel business advisors will be free of charge. You may have complex enquiries and you don’t want to be charged for the time spent explaining your needs.

When are the office opening hours and what happens if there is an emergency after this time? Ensure you know what costs could be incurred in this eventuality.

Likewise, check there are no amendment fees for cancelling bookings or changing accommodation.

Tip: A key thing to remember is to always read the small print with travel transaction fees, as some firms will charge additional fees if you are not taking a direct flight.

Account Management

Every client is different and one shoe doesn’t fit all, which is why it is important for a TMC to design a package that is completely bespoke to fit around your needs. Consider the Account Management being offered to you and whether the team has the experience needed for your needs.

We are seeing more and more companies realising that cultural fit is such a key part of the travel partner.

Tip: Be aware of companies who will charge for your account manager’s time and charge travel expenses to you.

Online tools

An online booking tool is a great way to provide you with flexibility and for you to take some control of your business travel. Some TMCs may charge for a set up fee and for further ongoing maintenance and alterations.

Tip: A single booking platform that includes accommodation and all travel choices makes online booking quicker and easier.

Account Services

Looking beyond the booking, how will your account be managed and can the TMC provide you with an analysis of your travel and accommodation spend? If you need the information reported in a certain format, can this be tailored to your needs?

Tip: A reporting procedure that highlights best practice and guidance for cost reduction would be beneficial.


arrangeMY has been trading since 1990, proudly employing in excess of 60 members of staff. Our full agent service is complimented by our award winning online tool, and our round the clock customer service will ensure all aspects of your business needs are taken care of.

If you would like to find out more about how we can assist you in making business travel arrangements, get in touch with our friendly team on 01905 610016.



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