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Meetings & Events for 30 Delegates Still Permitted

Whilst some slight changes to UK Government Guidelines have been put in place over the past couple of days, one overwhelming positive remains that meetings & events are still permitted for up to 30 delegates.

The news that meetings of up to 30 delegates are still allowed comes at a crucial time during the pandemic and offers further reassurance to businesses that are planning their meetings and events for the upcoming months. Business events are absolutely key to many businesses; especially those who offer seminars or training sessions as part of their services. The announcement ensures that businesses can continue to progress as usual, confident in the knowledge that venues are offering a safe, COVID secure environment.

There is no better time than now to think about your next corporate event, with many hotels and venues being safer now than ever. Additional safety protocols have been rolled out to ensure delegates attending a meeting are fully protected, including such guidelines as wearing a mask in public areas, maintaining the safe distance, full table service for catering and increased cleaning schedules. The ‘COVID Secure’ policies add an unprecedented level of cleanliness to the events industry which offer complete confidence to the wellbeing of those attendees.

Key Factors When Planning Your Next Meeting

  • Avoid travelling to, or attending any meetings if you have symptoms of the virus, or have come into contact with anyone who has symptoms or has had a positive test.
  • Utilise the single use stationery provided by venues such as pens, pads or markers.
  • Wash your hands and sanitize as much as physically possible, especially on entry and exit of the venue.
  • Keep meeting rooms as clean as possible. Enhanced cleaning will be taking place on a more frequent basis in all venues, so try to avoid touching multiple surfaces or areas around the room.
  • Maintain a safe and sensible distance throughout the event. Venues will set out tables in a safe manner adhering to the 2m rule with only 6 per table, however avoid getting too close to delegates when moving around the room.
  • Avoid moving tables during the event – sticking to your designated area during the event is always the best policy throughout.
  • When indoors avoid speaking face to face with other participants whenever possible. Side on conversations will always be better to contain the spread.
  • Take steps to avoid loud speaking or shouting, such as not using background music and the use of microphones.
  • Read up and follow all guidance set by the specific venue before the date of the event to ensure you are up to date with any specialised requirements.

It can be difficult to find the right venue for your specific event depending on your requirements. We understand many ‘normal’ events need to be adapted to fit around rules and regulations, which can be challenging. This is why we remain fully operational to support your next meeting or event. arrangeMY have excellent relationships with all major venue suppliers and can guide you through all protocols you will need to follow to ensure your staff are kept safe. Get in touch with our expert Venue Sourcing Team who can source the best venues for your requirements, at some of the most competitive prices in the industry – all free of charge! Whilst UK Government guidelines are always changing, our commitment to support throughout these times will always remain the same.
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