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Looking Ahead to Travel Without Restrictions

After a massively turbulent past 18 months, many are now looking ahead to restrictions easing across the UK on 21st June 2021 – set to be the date where International travel and largescale events can take place with no social contact limitations. With many businesses having been in lockdown for a prolonged period of time, it can be extremely tricky to navigate a return to travel; especially in a world where many new travel requirements have come into place.

arrangeMY are proud to be supporting our clients in the return to travel over the next coming months to ensure your business gets where it needs to be whilst ensuring your employees are safe. Here are some top tips from arrangeMY to help you prepare in full for the end of restrictions in the coming months:

Evaluate Your Travel and Events Policy

With travel being heavily restricted over the past year, travel has understandably been on the backburner whilst businesses focus on navigating the challenges thrown up by coronavirus. This means for many it has been well over a year since their travel and events policy has been addressed. Now is a crucial time to revisit your travel and events policy ahead of any returns to travel to ensure your approval processes, rate caps, expenses structure and booking procedures are all in order. Maintaining a healthy travel and events policy can lead to some incredible cost saving opportunities but most importantly keeps your employees safe at all times delivering on your duty of care. arrangeMY have helped many clients to re-write their travel and events policy, offering market leading advice whilst maintaining staying within the most recent guidelines. Please do feel free to get in touch for a free travel health check-up to see if your travel and events policy could do with a refresh.

Keep Updated with International Travel Policies

Despite all of the amazing progress made within the UK as the vaccine rollouts continue to thrive, there are many Countries who will still have entry requirements in place over the coming months. Before booking any travel or accommodation on an International basis, it’s important to check-up on the entry requirements which may involve taking additional steps to ensure you are compliant with these regulations. Drawing upon our supplier relationships combined with the latest foreign travel advice, arrangeMY can provide the all the guidance you would need to plan your next trip with confidence, protecting your travellers whilst highlighting any additional actions needed before travel such as a negative test, increased level of insurances or traveller tracking forms.

Reimagine Your Meetings and Events

Whilst businesses are itching to return to face-to-face meetings and events, there are understandably some circumstances which will not allow this to happen. Fortunately, many solutions are in place to mitigate against these issues and allow events to proceed. The past year has forced many to reimagine how meetings and events can operate safely and that’s why it is encouraged to start thinking differently about your next planned dates. arrangeMY can offer a full range of both virtual or hybrid events, meaning businesses need not miss out on any more cancelled events. Hybrid events create the best of both worlds with face-to-face meetings complimented by a virtual solution to allow those who may not be able to attend to not miss out on any action.

Take Advantage of Flexible Cancellations

Many travel, accommodation and venue suppliers have supported the travel industry by offering a greater level of flexibility within their rates. Despite the Country getting back to normal, the past year has shown us that any obstacle can be thrown in our way – however with the increased flexibility when booking, businesses can rest assured that they are covered in the worst-case scenario. arrangeMY are tremendously proud of our supplier relationships and can often negotiate an enhanced cancellation policy to give you that added level of security when booking your next trip.

With just under a month to go until the restrictions are widely eased, there is no better time than now to start thinking about your travel plans. Our expert team are looking forward to working with you to fulfil all the plans that you may have missed out on over the past year and can’t wait to support you in the return to travel. arrangeMY remain fully operational to assist with all your upcoming plans and are dedicated to ensuring you get the most cost-effective rates on the market on the most flexible policies – all with a friendly offline service to call upon at any time.

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