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How to improve your travellers experience

Despite the common misconception that business travel is an opportunity to go on ‘a bit of a jolly,’ the reality is long hours, lack of sleep and stress over travel arrangements.

Frequent business travel can often involve the sacrifice of putting work before family life in some instances, with it coming as no surprise then that 36% of business travellers believe that work-related travel makes them more stressed than normal.

Here are our top tips on making sure that your business trips are as simple and stress free as possible.

Simplify the booking process

The amount of wasted time that goes into booking travel can lead to travellers feeling frustrated at the mere thought of organising a trip or event. That’s where we come in at arrangeMY.

Our online booking tool searches the web and GDS for the best deals and allow travellers to book flights, rail, hotels and even taxis or hire cars in one place, meaning that much less time is spent booking. Combined, we have decades of experience sourcing and sampling the best places to stay across the globe, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.

Smooth out payment and billing

Payment can be a significant source of stress for some travellers, particularly when it comes to hotel stays. Bills that come out of the blue at reception can cause a lot of anxiety and if you then have to go through the process of claiming for unexpected expenses, a lot of time can be lost.

Our central billing service is a great way of avoiding this stress. Knowing that payment has been sorted ahead of time, or that bill-back is available if needed, will make sure that your travel experience is as smooth as possible.

Provide wellbeing training and support

As a business, it’s important to ensure that your team members are coping with frequent travel. Jetting off to unfamiliar places can cause feelings of displacement and loneliness amongst regular business travellers, which is why it’s so important to hold regular meetings with staff to ensure that they’re coping, as well as asking for advice on how you could improve their traveller experience.

Plan ahead

We believe there are hidden gems in every city and location that you step foot in. If you are thrown into a new place however, we realise how difficult it can be to source the nicest restaurants and bump into the friendliest locals.

Our team has a combined knowledge of the best restaurants, hotels and local attractions to support your varied needs. If you want to stay near major transport links, we’ll find the right hotel, or alternatively, if you’re sick of hotel suites and want to lay your head down in a real home-from-home, we’ll source the perfect self-service apartment for you to kick back and relax in.

Mix Business with Pleasure

If the opportunity presents itself, try and mix a business trip in with a spot of ‘me time.’ Financially, if a traveller decides to extend their trip for a day or two and not travel back during peak time, it can actually result in a reduction in spend.

Of course, the benefits extend far beyond cost and allowing an employee to enjoy some recreation time is a guaranteed way to increase employee satisfaction, as well as reducing the likelihood of ‘burnout’ and other stress-related health problems.

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