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60 Seconds with Laura Dudley

This month, our National Account Manager, Laura Dudley, runs us through some of the most weird and wacky facts about her life.


  • I was born on the day before Halloween and next year will be a milestone birthday. I want to do something big to celebrate, perhaps a sky dive for charity as long as it’s not too scary.


  • Although I’ve never been to a football match, I understand the offside rule, which I know makes me quite unique.


  • I’m embarrassed to admit to this, but I have never watched a Star Wars film or an episode of Game of Thrones – oh my, the backlash and the shame of admitting this is quite scary, I am that person.


  • Despite being an only child I do have an impeccable ability to share. I’m actually a bit of an office feeder.


  • I have a few weaknesses and guilty pleasures. These include shoes, handbags, gin and tonic, Pinterest, wine, crisps and far too much internet shopping.


  • I have a qualification in Aromatherapy Body Massage and I have double-jointed thumbs.


  • I have two children called Ruby and George. Me and my husband Rich have been married 13 years and got engaged in Rome, which was all very romantic.


  • My all-time favourite songs are ‘You’ve Got the Love’ by Candi Staton and ‘Working 9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton. They never fail to get me up on the dance floor.

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