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In todays age, consumer habits are continually changing and the corporate traveler requires flexibility with regards to their travel accommodation. Arguably, these trends have been shaped in more recent months by the impacts of the coronavirus, with the uncertainty of travel restrictions prompting individuals to seek a more flexible offering. The popularity of serviced apartments are progressing at a much stronger pace than all forms of accommodation in the business travel sector, so why should you consider this as an option for your next business trip? Here are just a few reasons we’ve picked out at arrangeMY:

Home Away From Home!

Whilst still a fairly recent phenomenon, many consider serviced apartments to be the ‘home away from home’ option when travelling. On average, serviced apartments can offer up to 30% more space when compared to traditional hotel room – all whilst maintaining the usual benefits of both a housekeeping & concierge service as we have become accustom to. These rooms usually contain many additional home comforts including fully equipped kitchens, dining tables & sometimes even coffee machines. Ultimately, this offers a much more relaxed stay for the occupant. With the increased demand for workers to travel, long term stays are becoming ever more frequent. The additional comfort offered by service apartments has undoubtedly contributed to their growing popularity with ample living space proving invaluable for the business traveler who needs space to both work and rest over a more prolonged period of time.

Adapting to Modern Lifestyle

More people than ever are striving to achieve a better work-life balance by working flexibly or remotely. This is a trend that directly overlaps over with travel, with the focus put more so on living a healthier lifestyle. The increased living space combined with the great level of privacy in serviced apartments presents employees with the opportunity to travel for work, while incorporating leisure activities into their stay. Further to this, the ability to store & prepare food on demand using the fully equipped kitchen facilities not only gives the occupant versatility to eat their own meals, but also allows them to fit this around their work load & lifestyle choices. Of course, with a more spacious accommodation available, corporate travelers are now able to bring their family to be able to join them on trips meaning they are free to take in the local cities & customs outside of the working day – overall allowing the employee to adopt the ultimate home from home experience with their loved ones.

Value for Money

Above all (and most importantly in most cases!) apartments can offer significant savings to both the traveler & the company. With cost being one of the primary influencers behind a traveler’s choice of location, there are clear savings to be made when booking an apartment. This cost-effective nature of apartments can save the booker between 20-30% when compared to similar standard hotels; a saving that is difficult to ignore given you are paying for a larger space with greater privacy. Parties who are travelling as a group can expect to make even greater savings, with multiple rooms in a hotel naturally at a more premium price when compared to an apartment. What’s more, from a company’s perspective, fully furnished apartments offer more tailored packages for long-term stays, snowballing to savings in other areas. The fully fitted kitchen spaced & living areas unquestionably encourages travelers to stay home, saving on additional expenses, such as dining and transport.

Your Next Stay?

Serviced apartments are a totally new way to stay, offering a much-needed fresh experience for the corporate traveler. Combining the best of both worlds in business in leisure, the freedom of serviced apartments is certainly highly appealing to those seeking experiences beyond the traditional hotel offering – all whilst receiving the same level of convenience. It is truly impossible to compete with the homely feel you can expect from serviced apartments, putting the control of a flexible lifestyle straight back into the hands of those travelling. The collective appeal of a ‘home away from home’ feel all at a significantly reduced cost is why serviced apartments continue to soar in occupancy rates when compared to hotels; certainly reason enough to consider this for your next trip!!