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HotBOT the hotel booking optimisation tool is bespoke travel management technology.

HotBOT ensures you always get the best hotel rate.

If you’re involved in procurement and constantly get emails saying your employees have found a cheaper rate – HotBOT could be your salvation.

It is available exclusively to UK arrangeMY clients.

Cost savings

Hotel pricing is incredibly volatile and can change by the hour, with rates going up and down.

Intuitive HotBOT technology tracks all your existing hotel bookings and monitors fluctuating room rates.

If they are available, it will automatically rebook your room at a better rate.

Whist doing this, it will ensure that the room and hotel matches the original booking criteria (for example, it will only rebook at a better rate in the same hotel or rebook a better room at the same rate).

This ensures you always pay the lowest possible price.

Worry-free travel

All the hotel bookings you undertake with each hotel (including the reissuing of reservations) will be conducted seamlessly.

Billback is also included and automatic.

This makes business travel accommodation worry-free for your employees; as everything will be done and arranged for them.

All your traveller needs to do, is give their name when they check-in!

Clear benefits

HotBOT guarantees the best rates and the best accommodation, every time.

This gives you and your people confidence in your managed travel programme and automatically adds in cost savings whenever possible.

You will also, from time to time, delight your colleagues when they discover that their accommodation has been upgraded!

HotBOT technology is installed on a gain-share basis (the tool is free and the costs are taken out of any savings made).

arrrangeMY client case study

This arrangeMY client has an annual hotel spend of around £800,000.

They started to use HotBOT in June 2018 and were delighted with the results.

They benefited from:

Statistically this amounted to:

NB: Figures for just four months – June to September, 2018.

What they said

“With almost no effort from our travel team, HotBOT enabled us to feel much more confident in our hotel booking process – and saved us money.”