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Commission – Provision of accommodation for Volvo UK’s apprenticeship programme

Response – ‘The delivery by arrangeMY met and exceeded our needs’

The organisation

Volvo is one of the best-known and trusted global vehicle brands.

To support business expansion, Volvo UK runs six apprenticeship programmes which place young people into British Volvo retailers.

As a part of their training, the 16 to 23-year-old apprentices spend time at the £6m Volvo Training Academy in Daventry.

They require therefore, suitable accommodation in nearby hotels (approximately 1,000 bed nights, annually).

The aim

Prior to winning this work, arrangeMY provided Volvo UK with contracted accommodation.

To build on this successful relationship, arrangeMY was asked to look after all accommodation for the Volvo apprenticeship programme.

Volvo UK required cost savings but most importantly, they needed to know all the young people involved would be safeguarded appropriately.

The delivery

When gaining this contract, feedback told us that the high-quality service that this client had already received from arrangeMY, was key in their appointment decision.

Our existing, strong relationships with Daventry hotels, plus the comprehensive reservation management programme we included, also weighed in our favour.

This incorporated clear terms and conditions, a 12-month pre-booking schedule, flexibility to amend bookings, quarterly review meetings and of course; the standard 24/7 arrangeMY response and support service.

The clincher however was the expected cost savings and the considered safeguarding package; which included twin and sole occupancy (addressing age and gender), flexible dining with a soft drink allowance, contracted taxi transfers between hotel and training centre and ongoing feedback to enable any issues to be addressed immediately.

The difference made

In addition to the essential safeguarding inclusion as above, we achieved direct savings of £4,000 for this client within the first year (via a 3.6% cut in average rates).

In addition, the introduction of a dedicated arrangeMY account manager provided one channel of communication and significantly reduced the workload for Volvo UK staff.

Further, a commission share rebate was included, giving this client an additional revenue stream.

Our Contact at Volvo UK said:

“We were very pleased to extend our supplier relationship with arrangeMY.

“The delivery both met and exceeded our needs in terms of the logistics, the quality of the accommodation and travel, the care of the young people involved and the budget savings.

“I am very pleased to be able to recommend arrangeMY to any organisation requiring a similar, superior-quality service.”