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Procurement & Category Managers – How to Select Agencies For Your Travel Tender

A key challenge for procurement and category managers is lining up suitable organisations to tender.

When it comes to TMC procurement here are a few things you can do, to ensure you have the right candidates.

Having the right number of suitable travel providers all ready to tender, will of course, minimise your time when evaluating.

After clicking around your prospect’s website and their related social media (including LinkedIn profiles) you should be able to see the following:

A well-established, highly experienced team

You’ll need to know that your TMC provider has been in business many years and that they have an extensive team of account managers.

You’ll also want to see that the majority of account managers have been in the organisation for some time – and they are therefore, embedded within the industry.

The right connections

When it comes to industry knowledge you should be able to see that they have the right track-record, background, connections and flexibility to support your local, national and global travel needs.

Are they for example partnered with key organisations such as HBAA, IATA, ABTA and Advantage Focus Partnership?

Hot response systems and processes

They must have robust but flexible structures and be able to provide a quick and efficient response to all your needs.

In particular, do they have the capacity to quickly sort things out when there’s an issue – or may they leave your people stranded?

An efficient, online booking facility

You’ll need to see an up to date, agile and responsive online booking tool that supports all mobile applications.

You’ll want to have the option to search for the cheapest tickets and accommodation and also be able to do this easily and quickly.

In addition, when can you call them? Ideally, they will be at the end of the phone and responding to your emails, 8am to 8pm each day and also offer a 24/7 emergency response.

The best rates

Do they guarantee you the best travel and accommodation rates, with consistent T&Cs?

Do they partner with a high number of travel and accommodation providers?

You’d expect these as a minimum.

Venue/ event management

You may also need venue support for meetings and events, so ensure they have full capacity to deliver this too.

Do they offer for example, a free venue finding service?

Clear SLA reporting and competitive on price

Your Service Level Agreement and online management tool should include clear financial tracking and reporting with efficient and automated invoice management.

You’ll also need to know, that they are highly competitive on price.

Examples of first-class delivery

You need to see that their clients are of a similar size and scale (and perhaps industry) to you.

Look for a number of reassuring client case studies, recommendations and references.

An innovative approach

Travel is an incredibly fast-moving and tech driven industry.

What is your prospective tender doing to address this?

Access to senior management

You may need to talk to senior management with the organisation, if there is an issue.

Check that you are able to do this, and who you’ll be talking to.

Solid future delivery

Is there any likelihood of this organisation being taken over?

If yes this could cause you problems, so do check that the organisation you are going to be working with has a solid track-record and is not going anywhere.

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